Gu Kailai Trial Begins and Concludes

Murder Trial of Chinese Official’s Wife Begins and Concludes |

China ends first day of Gu Kailai murder case | Al Jazeera English

Gu Kailai Trial Ends in China |

薄煕来の妻、殺人容疑を認める 公判はショーか | 大紀元

A Limited Look Into the Gu Trial | WSJ

Photos: Gu Kailai Trial Begins | WSJ

China Braces as Trial for Bo Xilai’s Wife Begins |

Bo Guagua Speaks as Mother Faces Trial | WSJ

薄熙来氏の息子、証人陳述書を提出-きょう母親の初公判 | WSJ日本版

Gu Kailai’s Trial to Open |

薄熙来の妻 政変計画で重要な役割 | 大紀元

China Opens Murder Trial of Ousted Leader’s Wife |

Trial Talk Sneaks Around Censors | WSJ

Innocent Pawn or Shrewd Operator | China Now

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