China Unveils New Leaders, With Xi at Head – VOA

China Unveils New Leaders, With Xi at Head | VOA

Xi was joined on stage by the other members of the Politburo Standing Committee, China’s most powerful decision-making body. They include premier-in-waiting Li Keqiang, North Korean-trained economist Zhang Dejiang, propaganda chief Liu Yunshan, Vice Premier Wang Qishan, Shanghai party boss Yu Zhengsheng and Tanjian party boss Zhang Gaoli.

“Since the Standing Committee supposedly have veto power on major decisions, this will make it easier for them to come to a consensus, and that’s probably why they decided to shorten it,” he [Steve Lewis, a China analyst from Rice University] said.

Xi Jinping Profile | VOA

“He was quite relaxed and he showed a kind of affable nature that I think will do him a lot of good. There was no high drama,” said Kelly. “I think he showed a little bit of the experience that he’s had internationally. He has, after all, you know, been a resident of the United States.”

Xi’s relationship with the United States will be crucial, as China enters a new period of increasing foreign policy assertiveness. His U.S. ties stretch back to 1985, when he traveled to a small midwestern town in Iowa with a Chinese delegation studying American agriculture. He is known to be a fan of the National Basketball Association and Hollywood-produced World War II movies.

He is married to popular folk singer Peng Liyuan, who for many years was more famous than her husband. Their daughter studies at the prestigious Harvard University under a pseudonym, like the children of many of China’s Communist leaders.

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