Li Keqiang Named China’s Prime Minister

Li Keqiang Named China’s Prime Minister |

Arguably China’s best-educated leader, Mr. Li speaks confident English. In contrast with the previous round of leaders who were steeped in leaden party doctrine and Soviet economic theory, Mr. Li has been exposed to a rich palette of liberal thinking. And like his predecessor Wen Jiabao, he often displays a common touch with ordinary Chinese.

But Mr. Li, 57, will be hemmed in by the stability-obsessed conservatives who dominate the seven-seat Politburo Standing Committee slated to effectively run China for the next five years. As one of only two members who owe their positions to Hu Jintao, the departing president who groomed him for power, he may find himself outgunned by those allied to Jiang Zemin, the 86-year-old former president and kingmaker.

China’s Next Premier Came of Age in Era of Openness |

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