A Look at the New Chinese Communist Party Leaders: Zhang Dejiang

A Look at the New Chinese Communist Party Leaders: Zhang Dejiang | Epoch Times

Zhao Nanqi, a military head and supporter of former CCP leader Jiang Zemin, promoted Zhang Dejiang, marking the start of his political career in 1983. Zhao then recommended Zhang to Jiang Zemin, which launched Zhang’s career as a CCP official.

Zhang Dejiang, a low-key and reserved loyalist of Jiang Zemin, is famous for being “extremely Maoist,” and good at “jumping on the bandwagon.” He enjoyed an unusually successful political career because of the relationship he established with Jiang Zemin. He was considered lucky to have the name “Dejiang,” which means “Jiang’s virtue” and was one reason that Jiang favored him.

Zhang’s most recent position was head of Chongqing, beginning March 15, due to the recent ouster of former head Bo Xilai. Zhang was assigned the task of “cracking down on insurgency,” according to insiders.

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