Para-Police ‘May Use Force’

Para-Police ‘May Use Force‘ | Radio Free Asia

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US concerned over China passport map | Al Jazeera English

Philippine Stamps New Chinese Passport, Vietnam Says No |

中国新版パスポートに関係諸国が反発 中国国内からも「迷惑」と批判 | 大紀元


China Seeks to Calm Anger Over Passports |

中国外交部:新パスポートを「深読みすべきではない」 米国が「懸念」表明 | 大紀元

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<赤龍解体記>(93)「改革派、党内奮闘は勝ち目なし」 陳破空氏、新体制を分析 | 大紀元





China’s New Power Divide |

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Taiwan politics: Ma the bumbler

Taiwan politics: Ma the bumbler | The Economist

But the next election is four years away, and presidential hopefuls will not try to oust or even outshine Mr Ma anytime soon. After all, they will not want to take responsibility for the country’s economic problems. Nothing suggests Mr Ma’s main policies will change (or that they should), but his credibility is draining by the day.

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China lands jet on first aircraft carrier

China lands jet on first aircraft carrier | Al Jazeera English

China lands J-15 jet on Liaoning aircraft carrier | BBC News

Photos: China Lands Jet on New Aircraft Carrier for First Time | WSJ

Chinese Engineer Dies After Aircraft Carrier Test, Hailed as Hero | WSJ

Analysts: China Aircraft Carrier Landing Poses No Direct Threat | VOA

Oppa Aircraft Carrier Style! Assessing China’s First Carrier Takeoff and Landing | WSJ

Analysts React to China’s Aircraft Carrier Landing Show |

US Secretary of Navy Mabus in Beijing amidst China’s Rising Tensions with Neighbors |

Chinese Media Officially Unveils J-15 Flying Shark Carrier-Based Fighter Jet | ASIAN DEFENSE

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Lobbying, a Windfall and a Leader’s Family

Lobbying, a Windfall and a Leader’s Family |

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Anish Kapoor Goes ‘Gangnam Style’ for Ai Weiwei

Gangnam for Freedom – Anish Kapoor and Friends (Official Video) | YouTube

Anish Kapoor Goes ‘Gangnam Style’ for Ai Weiwei | WSJ

Why is Anish Kapoor dancing with wrist flourishes towards the camera, wearing handcuffs and black tape over his mouth?

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